Collect a lot of items with your smartphone camera.
Open the app and scan Pincore collection points to get everyday amazing items!

Choose your equip, level up and fight all the bosses of the game.

Fukuoka Imaizumi Daigamen
Fukuoka Airport

What's New

V 2.0.2

- Fix some collision bug on maps
- Fix enemies damage cooldown
- Fix stages difficulty curve

V 2.0.1

Added new attack (Axe)
- Added new boss (Mushoroom and Black Wizard)
- Added exp orbs
- Added coin system
- Added coin based gacha
- Added item merge system
- Edit stages curves (Game Balance)
- Power up UI reworked
- Fix enemies bug
- Minor bug fix

V 1.2.1

- Added boss HP and cooldown bar
- Added a lot of new enemies
- Added news tab
- Added ranking page
- Edit stages curves
- Fix boss attack
- Minor bug fix
- Performance improvements

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Account Delete

In order to permanently delete your Pincore account you can go on "Settings" and press the "Delete Accoun t" button, ALL your data will be completely deleted.
If you don't remember your password please contact us by e-mail with your e-mail address or your in-game username.